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The “Digital Nerds Contest” aims to apply the knowledge accumulated by children, pupils and students in the field of IT and is developed for all age groups.

During the competition, a series of conferences on IT topics will be organized.


Endless Activities

Juniors in Programming

Addressed to primary school children, it involves creating an application / game in any platform, using block programming with regards to the given topic.

Platform examples: AppInventor, Scratch, Microbit, CodeMonkey

Children in STEM

Addressed to young people in the gymnasium cycle, it proposes the creation of an application / game in a platform that allows you to write code. (You can choose any platform as long as the block programming function is NOT used).

Platform examples: Lua (for Roblox games), Swift Playgrounds, Tynker, etc.

Young people in IT

Divided into two subcategories, for high school and university students, whether you like applications (C, C ++, C #, Java), games (Unity) or embedded systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), the choice is yours. Participation is allowed in teams of up to 3 people. The only enemy is time, 3 days and a tailor-made challenge awaits you.

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